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It’s easy, just take a right at the second light!

10 Apr

Often the map quest directions for life I make or the way I hope things turn out is often not how things actually go. Instead of taking a right at the second stoplight like I wanted I’m instead greeted with a construction barrier and the dreaded and the incredibly ambiguous detour sign pointing us towards the unknown. Confession: I have a really hard time with detour signs, I like a plan, and I like sticking to it, detours make this guy anxious. Here’s where I’m going with the metaphor, I’m happy and thankful when I’m trucking down life’s road with everything going according to plan. When I get to turn right at the second stoplight just like I thought I would I’m always eager to confess God is sovereign, it’s easy right? But when I have to detour, I’m not always so eager. I become stressed, anxious and “question” Gods plan. But here’s the thing, whether I’m taking a right at the light or making a detour, he’s just as sovereign. Why should my reaction to the detour sign be any different than when I’m on “the plan?” Both are just as safe, both are just as correct, but due to my sinful self I only trust the one I understand, I only trust the one I came up with. So irregardless of how “on track” I am, God is just as sovereign, although I don’t expect that my sinful self will give up anytime soon and let me just have complete peace and trust. Unfortunately I will still want to take a right at the second light. But perhaps a better summary of my problem is I’m under the faulty impression I’m actually driving the car???

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.” -Yogi Berra