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30 Apr

Such a short, unhelpful post as this one will be is not the way one should begin writing for the Quixotarian. Like I give a what-what.

I don’t have any wisdom here for anyone. I thought I would just make my commentary on something I noticed about the past weeks, because this is the internet, and if I write on the internet, then everyone will be my friend.

As you all know, everyone has recently been very excited about reforming laws that seem to allow dangerous objects to avail to the public. We’ve seen a huge influx of politicians pressing the cause of pressure cooker regulation (not because they would be beneficiaries of the legislation they promote, but rather for the sake of their consciences). 

This is false, but why?

When the Boston Bombings occurred, there was an immediate question facing the leaders who were working on immigration reform. The question was: Should we continue this conversation on immigration reform while something so important and so relevant to our case is happening? There was a moment of pause because the fellows in question were immigrants. There was a genuine –– and right, I think –– concern that with high emotions, the legislators may write an unbalanced bit of legislation.

I’ll give anyone three guesses what the conversation ( and by conversation, I mean pundits yelling at their viewers to OBEY) would have been like if the Boston Bombings weren’t bombings. If the two men in question had used guns instead of pressure cookers, there might have still been pause on the immigration issue. But, guns? The gun conversation would have spilled over right into all of our cereal.

If this had been another shooting, we would have been forcefully roused from our primitive slumber, and pressed to acknowledge the FACT that if he hadn’t had a gun, this whole mess wouldn’t have happened. Also, if you disagree, you would seem to be a country bumpkin who sleeps next to his shotgun.

I don’t think the only way to beat a bad guy with a pressure cooker is a good guy with a pressure cooker, nor am I quite sure where I am on gun regulation. I do know that as I’ve been trying to consider where I am on the issue, I am surprised by the Boston situation for the reasons I’ve just described.

I can’t take a stance on gun reform right now. I still have more thinking to do. However, I do take a stance on mankind. I think we’re bent to evil.


It’s kind of unfair to the guns. Guns are our society’s problem, unless terrorism is –– except that a terrorist with a gun isn’t twice as bad as either a terrorist or a gun by itself. A terrorist with a gun is just a terrorist.